Architectural concepts for enhanced experience

Process circle

We design for our Client, also for the Users and the Community. We believe in architecture’ s lasting nature and we strive to design buildings that would transcend over time by integrating flexibility and adaptability.

We are inspired by nature and technology. We aim at seamless integration of both nature and technology as well as other surrounding elements to produce a functionally well-balanced, emotionally sensitive and environmentally green habitat that promote human interactions both physically and digitally.

OPR provide design service across disciplines including Strategic Planning, Master Planning, Architecture, Interiors, Landscape and Furnishings. Our portfolio covers projects from all over the world and our office is located in Barcelona, Beijing and Shenzhen. We provide 24-hr design service by rotating work between the two timezones that shorten the design schedule significantly.

Omnichannel is a multichannel approach that seeks to optimize design efficiency and provide the customer with a seamless design experience. By digitally managing the projects through multiple communication channels including Google, Dropbox, Skype, WeChat, Evernote etc we are able to update instantly and keep track of design process in details. For each project, we have established project blog site and chat group that shares among our design team as well as our client and consultants. This multichannel approach provides complete transparency and ensures ideas and comments are shared across each party and be implemented almost immediately.